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Learn where they came from, what they’ve accomplished, and where they are today.

Jacob Relkin was Newton Academy’s first graduate. As the course progressed, he developed an intense passion for iOS development. His apprenticeship app, Spring Cleaning, was selected by Apple to be featured in the New & Noteworthy category of the App Store. Today he is a Newton Academy student mentor and curriculum consultant. He is also Lead iOS Developer for Doximity, a venture capital funded startup company.

Twitter: @jacobrelkin
Website: jacobrelkin.com

Avi Mandelbaum grew up in Brooklyn. While working on his bachelor’s degree, he discovered Newton Academy, switched gears, and signed up. Avi began with absolutely no programming knowledge. After a few months he was at the head of the class, writing code like a native. During the course, Avi was a major contributor to EasyCraig, the world's best app for searching Craigslist. After graduating, together with fellow student Eliezer Liebman, he founded LM Mobile, a contract development firm specializing in apps for the retail sector.

Website: lmmobileproductions.com

Eliezer Liebman hails from Rockland County, NY. Knowing nothing at all about programming, but excited about the potential of Apple's iPhone and the iOS platform, he signed up at Newton Academy. Together with fellow student Avi Mandelbaum, he created EasyCraig, the world's best app for searching Craigslist. Also in partnership with Avi, Eliezer founded LM Mobile, a freelance iOS development shop.

Website: lmmobileproductions.com

Shimon Hochman lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and children. Shimi joined Newton Academy with some experience writing Microsoft Excel macros, but limitied actual programming know-how. Shimi's dilligence in studying the iOS frameworks was amazing. Shimi is the creator of Spindial, the easiest and fastest way to call, text, and email your contacts. Today Shimi is a successful independent app developer.

Website: simplesimonapps.com

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