App Showcase

A selection of the fine creations of our students.

Featured by Apple as “New and Noteworthy”, Spring Cleaning is the best way to organize your address book on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. It’s also the perfect hiding place for a secret stash of contacts. Using Spring Cleaning, you can quickly and easily select multiple contacts, delete them, and then restore them at any time.

Student Developer: Jacob Relkin

EasyCraig is a great way to find used items for sale in your area. Just enter a distance radius, search for an item, and find what you want where you want it. EasyCraig provides a beautiful and streamlined mobile interface to Craigslist. It also searches multiple Craigslist sites at once — which you can’t do on the Craigslist website.

Student Developers: Avi Mandelbaum and Eliezer Liebman

Spindial is the fastest way to contact the people in your address book, without pecking away at the keyboard or scrolling through hundreds of entries to find the one you want. Simply slide your finger down the index at the side of the screen, select a letter, and Spindial figures out who you are looking for.

Student Developer: Shimon Hochman

Giftiki is a fun and social way to gift with your friends. Giftiki’s unique Gifting Machine takes all your friends’ contributions (big and small), and magically combines them into one fund, with no fees and no percentages taken off the top. The recipient can then take that money and spend it on whatever they want, and you get rewarded for gifting your friends.

Alumni Developer: Jacob Relkin

Budget 101 is the simplest and easiest way to keep track of your finances. Simply enter a transaction as either a deposit or expense and designate a category for it (by either selecting an existing category or creating a new one), and Budget 101 will take care of the rest. Budget 101 is a familiar sight in the top 25 of the Finance category in the App Store.

Alumni Developer: Shimi Hochman

Management 101 is a mobile solution for anyone who owns or manages property. With a simple and intuitive user interface, Management 101 keeps track of each tenant's lease and financial information.

Alumni Developer: Shimi Hochman

TaxCal 101 is a GPS based sales tax calculator that comes with a complete database of sales tax rates for every ZIP code in the U.S.

Alumni Developer: Shimi Hochman

Cafe 5 Fifty was the first app for LM Mobile Productions' revolutionary new platform called Qwiksell (TM), which allows all restaurants, regardless of size, to have their own app. This particular app allows customers to easily purchase a unique selection of kosher, dairy foods from Cafe 5 Fifty, located at 550 Broad Street in the heart of Newark, NJ.

Alumni Developers: Eliezer Liebman and Avi Mandelbaum

Doximity is the Facebook for doctors - the most powerful medical directory and communication tool in the world. Join 80,000 verified US physicians already in the network.

Alumni Developer: Jacob Relkin

PennyTalk enables you to call around the world for as little as 1 cent a minute. Enjoy big savings, exceptional call quality and easy dialing using your contacts. And, there are no Wi-Fi restrictions, confusing plans or complicated codes to dial. PennyTalk Mobile makes international calling easier than ever.

Faculty Producer: Binyamin Bauman

Mobitalker is an International calling app for Smartphones. Mobitalker gives you the ability to make International calls using VoIP technology instead of your expensive airtime minutes. With Mobitalker, you can make low cost International calls from anywhere to anywhere in the world!

Faculty Producer: Binyamin Bauman

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