iOS Developer Rockstars

Know your community. Here’s a little directory to start you off.

Loren Brichter

Loren Brichter is a very talented iOS developer. He originally created Twitter’s official apps for iOS and the Mac.

Twitter: @lorenb

Craig Hockenberry

Craig Hockenberry is a principal at Iconfactory and the inventor of the CHOCKLOCK.


Sophia Teutschler

Sophia Teutschler is a Mac and iOS developer. She runs Sophiestication Software, maker of great apps like Articles and Magical Weather.

Twitter: @_soaps

Jeff LaMarche

Jeff LaMarche is a Mac and iOS developer who has written a number of iOS and Mac development books.

Twitter: @jeff_lamarche

Erica Sadun

Erica Sadun is a legendary iOS developer and author of the IOS Developer’s Cookbook, an absolutely indispensable resource for developers.

Twitter: @ericasadun

Bill Bumgarner

Bill Bumgarner is an Engineering Manager at Apple. He manages the runtime technologies team that is responsible for Objective-C and related technologies.

Twitter: @bbum

Wil Shipley

Wil Shipley is noted in the iOS community for his experience in software usability and design, as well as the Pimp My Code series on his personal weblog, a popular feature where he shares free code examples and tips on programming.

Twitter: @wilshipley

Bill Dudney

Bill Dudney is a former Application Framework Evangelist at Apple. He is also the author of books on iOS development.

Twitter: @bdudney

Evadne Wu

Evadne Wu is an iOS developer and frequent contributor to the open source community.

Twitter: @evadne

Marco Arment

Marco Arment created and currently operates the Instapaper bookmark and reading service and app.

Twitter: @marcoarment

Mike Lee

Apple Design Award-winning product engineer. Founder and leader of the Appsterdam movement, which aims to create a mecca of app development in Amsterdam.

Twitter: @bmf

J’aime Ohm

J’aime Ohm is a freelance iOS developer. She has formerly worked for Apple on CoreOS Security.

Twitter: @jaimeohm

Guy English

Guy English writes software for iOS and Mac. He’s worked on many high-profile games including Tap Tap Revenge.

Twitter: @gte

Jim Dovey

Jim Dovey is currently a leader of AwkwardTV, the Apple TV jailbreak community.

Twitter: @alanquatermain

Dave Mark

Dave Mark is the author of several bestselling books on iOS and Mac development.

Twitter: @davemark

Matt Legend Gemmell

Matt Legend Gemmell is a freelance iOS and Mac developer, author, and speaker at developer conferences. He has also written and released many useful open-source components.

Twitter: @mattgemmell

Brad Larson

Dr. Brad Larson designs Cocoa-based control software for robotic systems by day, and Mac and iOS at night. He also teaches an iOS development course at the Madison Area Technical College.

Twitter: @bradlarson

Sam Soffes

Sam Soffes is the lead iOS engineer on Hipstamatic and creator of a few popular open source projects.

Twitter: @samsoffes

Brent Simmons

Brent Simmons is the creator of popular apps for Mac and iOS including NewNewsWire and MarsEdit.

Twitter: @brentsimmons

Daniel Jalkut

Daniel Jalkut is a former senior Apple engineer and the founder of Red Sweater software. He is also an active supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Twitter: @danielpunkass

Ray Wenderlich

Ray Wenderlich is an independent iOS developer with extensive experience in the gaming industry.

Twitter: @rwenderlich

Dave DeLong

Dave DeLong is a frameworks developer for Apple and an active contributor on

Twitter: @davedelong

Michael Jurewitz

Michael Jurewitz is a skilled iOS developer and a Developer Tools and Frameworks Evangelist for iOS and Mac at Apple.

Twitter: @jury

Tristan O’Tierney

Tristan O’Tierney is an iOS developer and the co-founder of the popular mobile payment startup Square.

Twitter: @tristan

Allan Schaffer

Allan Schaffer is a Game Technologies Evangelist at Apple, where he helps iOS and Mac developers to create amazing high performance games.

Twitter: @funnest

Daniel Pasco

Daniel Pasco is an iOS developer who works at Black Pixel and a former rocket scientist with software on Mars.

Twitter: @dlpasco

Tyler Neylon

Tyler Neylon is an iOS programmer, blogger, and founder of He is interested in mobile games, math, and math education.

Twitter: @tylerneylon

John Muchow

John Muchow is an iOS developer and consultant. He also publishes iOS developer tips and tricks on his site,

Twitter: @johnmuchow

Kevin Ballard

Kevin Ballard is an iOS and Mac developer who works for Apple and is active in the open source community.

Twitter: @eridius

Steve Streza

Steve Streza is an iOS developer and the Lead Platform Developer at Read it Later.

Twitter: @SteveStreza

Josh Grenon

Josh Grenon is an iOS developer and creator of a number of popular open source components for iOS.

Twitter: @joshgrenon

Ole Begemann

Ole Begemann is an independent iOS and Mac developer and the creator of the Blue Planet and Picture Effects apps.

Twitter: @olebegemann

Bryan Duke

Bryan Duke is a test pilot for the US Air Force, astronomer, founder of Acceleroto, and developer of Air Hockey for iOS and Mac.

Twitter: @GrouchoDuke

Conor Winders

Conor Winders is an expert iOS developer and the founder of Redwind Software, a freelance iOS development shop.

Twitter: @conorwinders

Matt DiPasquale

Matt DiPasquale is an iOS developer and a very active contributor to

Twitter: @mattdipasquale

Nick Paulson

Nick Paulson is a software engineer at Apple. In the past, he has worked at both Square and CloudApp.

Twitter: @njp

Michael Simmons

Michael Simmons is Co-Founder of Flexbits, creator of the excellent Fantasical calendaring utility for Mac.

Twitter: @macguitar