Education needs innovation.

Students can be better prepared for the jobs of tomorrow and the real world.

We need to change the status quo.
Let’s move from the classroom as a center of instruction to the individual student as the focus of instruction and allow students to learn at their own pace. Let’s demand mastery from every student. Let’s measure and evaluate real-world competence and stop teaching to useless tests. We need to learn by doing and figuring out the answers for ourselves.

Let’s stop valuing book learning over real learning.
The US educational system encourages rote memorization, and trains students to pass exams with very carefully structured and rehearsed problem types.

Keeping up with the class is not more important than mastery.
A student who consistently scores 85% on periodic exams is considered above average, but in reality, every time the class moves ahead, a 15% hole is left behind in that block of their knowledge foundation. Why are we giving unicycles to students that get a B at bicycling?

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