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training students to make apps.

No programming experience necessary. Less than the price of a single year in college.

Train as an app developer for the iPhone and iPad.

Complete our program in just 12 months.

Get a great job starting at about $90,000 a year.

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Get in on the ground floor of the App Economy.

Apple Inc. is now the biggest company in the world. More than 500,000 new iPhones and iPads are sold every single day.

Over 500 iOS apps are downloaded every second.

The App Economy has created more than half a million jobs. App development will be among the fastest growing occupations over the coming decade.

There is a severe shortage of iOS app developers. Over 5,000 unfilled jobs are listed on indeed.com.

Our innovative program flips the classroom.

Attend class at home.

Watch our video tutorials on your own time, in your own space, at your own pace.

Do your homework together.

Attend virtual workshop to collaborate on exercises and form relationships with fellow developers and instructors.

Until you have a job, our job isn’t over.

We award you an apprenticeship and you create your first major app with mentor guidance.

You earn your Newton Academy iOS Developer Certification.

We help you write your resume and connect with potential employers.

We can also help you set up shop as a freelance or independent developer.

You’ll be part of our family for life.

Newton Academy taught me app development, but more importantly, I learned confidence, and the life and business skills I needed to make my dreams a reality. Today I’m a very well paid salaried app developer, and I love what I do!

Jacob Relkin, Lead iOS Developer, Doximity

At Newton Academy, I discovered that school can be fun, rewarding, and inspiring. The quality of the curriculum and the mentoring and guidance from the faculty enabled me to begin a great career. I’ve recommended Newton Academy to many of my friends and family!

Eliezer Liebman, Co-Founder, LM Mobile Productions

The investment I made in Newton Academy has already repaid itself many times over in the first year since I graduated. Being an app developer is profitable and exciting, and Newton Academy is definitely the best place to train for this job of the future.

Shimi Hochman, Independent App Developer

With no background in computer programming, I never considered becoming an app developer -- until I heard about Newton Academy. After graduating, I co-founded a freelance app development shop with a fellow student, and we’re already exceeding our goals.

Avi Mandelbaum, Co-Founder, LM Mobile Productions

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