App development is an amazing career.

We’ve entered the app era, and people who can create apps are going to thrive.

We’re at the cusp of a quantum shift.
Mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad are disrupting industries and becoming ubiquitous in our lives. Apps are the lifeblood of this new world; they are the new mediums for utility, art, entertainment, and media.

Be where you can make a difference.
App developers are the linchpins at the epicenter of this great revolution, poised to thrive during the coming years of massive growth in this industry.

Learn widely valuable skills.
Building apps encompasses not only computer programming, but also areas like design, architecture, business, and marketing. You’ll learn generally important skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and even common sense.

Get a great job.
App development is creative, fun, and exciting. It’s also a very rewarding occupation. Competent developers are in high demand.

Choose the path that’s right for you.

As an iOS developer, you’ll have a range of available career options.

Salaried employee
Many companies today, large and small, are hiring in-house iOS developers. If you choose to seek such an employer, iOS developers command excellent starting salaries.

Freelance contractor
Businesses and individuals often seek to hire iOS developers on a project basis. If you choose to become a freelance contractor, going market rates are quite high.

Independent developer
As an “indie” (a developer who publishes and monetizes their own apps) you are in complete control of your destiny, and your freedom and opportunity are limitless.

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