Apps 101: What is iOS?

We train students to develop apps for “iOS”. Here’s what that means.

iOS is the system software on Apple’s mobile devices.
Apple makes the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, which are all powered by an operating system called iOS. An operating system (abbreviated as OS, and also sometimes called a “platform”) is the underlying system software that powers a computing device.

Apps written for iOS work only on Apple’s mobile devices.
An app that is written for one operating system will not work on another -- it would have to be completely rewritten in another coding language, using different tools and frameworks.

iOS is not the only OS, but it’s the leader of the pack.
Google makes Android, RIM makes Blackberry, Microsoft makes Windows, Nokia makes Symbian and MeeGo, and HP makes webOS (formerly Palm).

Users get apps from the App Store.
On iOS, the App Store is an Apple app where the user can browse, purchase, and install any of about 500,000 available apps. Each OS (or “platform”) has its own version of the App Store.

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