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Newton Academy is staffed by a team of expert instructors and mentors.

Binyamin Bauman is Founder & CEO of Newton Academy, the world’s first vocational school for app development. In January 2011, Binyamin left a promising career as a telecommunications industry executive to pursue his dream, founding an educational institution that trains students with no prior programming experience for careers developing apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

At IDT (NYSE: IDT), Binyamin was a serial intrepreneur, successively conceiving of, creating, and managing three innovative and highly lucrative major business units over a period of six and a half years. His unique, hands-on approach and ability to build and manage teams that execute consistently are widely respected by his peers. Most recently, he developed and managed execution of IDT’s very successful mobile strategy.

Jacob Relkin is an iOS developer and an Objective-C maven. He has worked for Freeverse and Appcelerator, both major forces in the iOS space, and is currently developing iOS apps for Doximity, a venture capital funded startup. He served as an associate instructor at Newton Academy during the pilot program, and he remains a student mentor and curriculum consultant.

Jacob moonlights as a prolific StackOverflow guru. With versatility and speed, he provides solutions to tough and highly technical problems. He is ranked #1 on the site’s Objective-C category. His wide-ranging proficiencies include Linux/UNIX, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML, CSS, AJAX, C, C++, Objective-C, the iOS SDK, and Xcode.

Abraham Vegh is an iOS developer and interface designer. He’s a student mentor at Newton Academy.

Abraham has a passion for the intricate nuances that characterize excellent interfaces. He likes his pixels perfect.

At Newton Academy, Abraham works closely with newly graduated developers as they take their first steps into the world of application development.

Before entering the world of iOS development, Abraham suffered a lengthy career as a freelance web developer.

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